Serving the Harrison County Area Since 1991...

About Our Rent-to-Own Retail Store

Valley Rentals Superstore was founded in 1998 in New Philadelphia, Ohio. The Carrollton location followed a year later, with the addition of the Cadiz, Ohio, location in 2001. In 2003, both Carrollton and New Philadelphia locations were sold and Cadiz became the only remaining store, functioning as the Home Office for all Ohio Operations.

Founders Stanley Kramer and current President Robert D. Blank were convinced General Manager Rich Anderson’s vision for a different type of furniture and appliance store would be a winner. They were all proven right as we’re proud to enter our 14th year of business. In May of 2013, Valley Rentals Superstore moved down the street to our current location, increasing showroom and warehouse space by more than 300%.

Rich has empowered and challenged his staff, many of whom have 12 to 14 years of experience, to serve the customers better than any store in the country. Rich says: "I realize when it comes to home furnishings, appliances, electronics, bedding, and computers, we all have many choices from large box stores, to large chains, to the internet. Do me a favor - the next time you need something, give my staff or me a call or email here in Cadiz. Give us a shot at getting what you need quickly and affordably. We consistently outperform the big guys and overachieve when it comes to customer service. Our customers stay with us for years!"

"If you have any questions, comments, or hopefully good things to say about us, give me a call on my cell at (330) 340-7284 or drop me an email at Bet the GM for other stores didn't give you his or her cellphone number. See - we're already different aren't we?"

Contact us to learn more about our rent-to-own retail store and how we’re different from everyone else.